Connemara Corporate Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Connemara Corporate Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Team Performance with Belbin

The Belbin Team Role system is used by over 40% of the world's top companies for analysing team balance and developing team productivity. It is based on a finding, by Dr Meredith Belbin in the late 1970s, that there are nine behaviour types that make up a balanced team and that by knowing which type we are we can better understand the dynamics of the team as well as how to raise productivity and job satisfaction. Equally an imbalance of representation of these types in a team can lead to problems if not identified.

  • Identifying a person's team Role helps:
  • Improve self awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Foster mutual trust and understanding between work colleagues Team selection and team building
  • Match people to jobs more effectively

  • During the original research it became clear that balanced teams far outperform unbalanced teams and subsequent research has also demonstrated that teams consistently outperform individuals when dealing with high-risk complex issues where a wide range of complementary behaviours is required.

    The original research involved painstaking and laborious observation but today the process takes a few minutes by using the Belbin Interplace computer system to process the results of the Belbin Self Perception Inventory, Observer Assessments and Job Assessments.

    Team Development Courses

    Using the Belbin methodology as a foundation, our introductory teambuilding courses combine a mix of classroom and experiential learning to examine the dynamics of your particular team. This has the benefit of identifying the team's current strengths and weaknesses and pinpointing areas for future coaching and development, e.g. motivation and communication skills, time management etc.

    The introductory programme typically lasts two days and comprises:

  • an explanation of the Belbin system and the importance of team balance.
  • individual Belbin team member profiles for team members.
  • overall team balance analysis - a comparison of respective team member strengths and weaknesses and where problems might arise.
  • an explanation of the Belbin system and the importance of team balance.
  • best fit job and task profiling - who should do what in the team.
  • communication skills.
  • goal setting and task achievement constructive team behaviour

  • All the above supported by practical exercises, usually in the outdoors, to demonstrate team roles in action. Additional programmes are also available to deepen the application and knowledge of team behaviour and Belbin. We also tailor courses to suit the particular needs of individual companies. The introductory course costs from 500/person (excluding accommodation) and includes a full set of Belbin profiling reports (nine types of report per person).


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