Woodcock and Snipe Shooting in Connemara

Chasse a la Bécasse et Bécassine

 Zetland Country House

The Zetland Estate - A proud tradition in hosting shooting and fishing parties since 1856

 Zetland Country House was built as a hunting and fishing lodge in the early 1800's and still carries on that tradition today. The hotel owns some 17,000 acres of shooting rights over a range of different covers which include woodland, forestry, bog-land and marsh, prime Woodcock and Snipe terrain. The Zetland shooting grounds are unique in that much of it is wilderness, untouched by farm machinery and rarely traversed by man. It is as close to nature as one could wish and in the interests of conservation, much of the land is rested and only shot every second year.

There are few places in Europe with the quality of terrain and game that the Zetland estate offers. If you want to experience real shooting in wild and open country then the Zetland is the location you ought to consider for your next shooting vacation.

Our shooting is reserved for hotel residents only. The minimum number of guns is 6 and a shoot would typically occur over a period of two to three days. Shooting packages include all meals, accommodation, guides, dogs etc.

On the Zetland shoot you will experience total privacy, personal attention....and we will mind you!

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Woodcock and Snipe Shooting in Connemara

The Shoot

A typical day begins with breakfast at 9am and a meeting and safety talk with the guides before departure to that morning's shooting grounds. The area to be shot and the type of cover will be chosen by the guides depending on weather and where we think the greatest concentration of either woodcock or snipe are to be found. 80% of our shoot is woodcock the other 20% snipe. The terrain in Connemara is not easy and usually quite a bit of walking is involved. For anyone unsure of their footing we can usually find a run that entails less hiking but a reasonable level of fitness will be required. Wellington boots are a necessity here.

At the end of the morning drives, a well deserved hunter’s hot lunch is served at the hotel and afterwards we depart again for the afternoon. This is a mixture of rough shooting and short drives generally with one or two walking guns. The birds are quick and elusive and the countryside and scenery spectacular.

On returning to the hotel that evening the hits and misses can be debated over a pint of Guinness or a hot port with the guides in the bar or maybe a hot whiskey by the fire in the lounge before a bath and dinner. The five course dinner is served in our award winning restaurant overlooking Cashel Bay.

There is a place for you at the table of the Zetland - A culinary delight

 Further information, prices & conditions                                                         Further information, prices & conditions

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