Connemara Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Connemara Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

They say your body needs eight glasses of water a day; but your soul needs Connemara…

Ireland's western coastal terrain plunges from craggy hillsides into steep emerald valleys, past whitewashed cottages and stone castles on the shores of tranquil lakes to golden beaches and the wild deep blue Atlantic.

This majestic land on the west coast of Ireland is the closest you'll get to what Ireland once was. Connemara, the wild region that comprises the western chunk of County Galway is the heart of the ancient province of Connaught.

The last piece of Ireland to enter the modern age, Connemara is one of Ireland's most sparsely populated and starkly beautiful regions, with its stretches of peat bog of purple summer hues and rich gold in Autumn, hump-backed blue mountains; rock-walled pastures and trout-filled Loughs; and barrier islands inhabited by native wildlife, and a just handful of humans.

The rugged landscape, with its traditional Celtic culture and unique Irish (Gaelic) language adds to the region's charm and mystique.

The Connemara Peninsula, popular for famous films such as John Fordes ‘The Quiet Man’ and  Jim Sheridan’s ‘The Field, as well as Un Taxi Mauve (the Purple Taxi) is an enigma for some and an inspiration for all who visit here, from Ireland’s famous poet W.B. Yeats to the equally famous writer J. M. Synge, to the political legendary figure, Padraic Pearse. Many political leaders have visited here and been enchanted with Connemara's mystique including General De Gaulle, President Ronald Reagan, President Bill Clinton and Princess Grace of Monaco. You should try a visit here. You will be back.

Yes your soul needs Connemara, stand, be still and let yourself be free…

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