Connemara Corporate Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Connemara Corporate Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Spirit & Motivation in the Workplace

With more people questioning their lives and choosing less stressful routes to earning a living, a growing interest has developed in creating more harmonious and 'spiritual' workplaces in order to retain and motivate staff. Work provides a marvellous opportunity for us to practice our spiritual principles (whatever they may be for each individual), principles which have lain at the route of civilisation for many years but have been largely lost in Western society today. Sadly, the workplace has been one of the greatest victims of this loss and many are pools of negative energy and places for 'survival of the fittest', rather than hives of positive activity and energy where individuals can truly achieve their potential.

Here are some thoughts on this:

  • Corporate cultures only based on economic value systems lose out in the long run. Writer Francis Fukuyama notes that neoclassical economics are 80% correct and predictable, but there's another 20% that is unpredictable and that's human behaviour. That other 20% is deeply embedded in human motivation, customs, habits and morals of the society in which it occurs. Where there is no alignment between personal and organisation's values, an inner schism takes place and chaos occurs.
  • Work occupies a large part of our lives - on average over 50% - and for many provides a key purpose in being - it's important that the individual feels not only motivated by spiritually satisfied with his working environment. Also the time spent at work provides less time for spiritual fulfilment outside of work.
  • In line with this, the workplace is an important community given the time we spend in it - almost as important as cultural and family communities. In Western society we have lost the practice of living in communities, of sharing and learning from each other and respecting the rituals and wisdom of the elders. We are increasingly disconnected from our base communities of family, church, etc.
  • The kind of people you have in the workplace is becoming as important as what you sell.

    Applying shamanic principles in the workplace

    XenerGie is one of the first companies in Ireland to pioneer a very new approach in leadership training - applying aspects of shamanic principles to some of the modern day human issues in the workplace. We believe that organisations that nurture a holistic approach to human development are more likely to be effective.

    Our training takes as its base, leadership and community management practices which are typically used in indigenous tribes around the world today and which would be similar to principles practised by our Celtic ancestors thousands of years ago. This more 'connected' side of human nature is combined with modern leadership and management thinking and practical experience of business situations today.

    The course facilitators are all experienced business managers who have themselves investigated and applied a more spiritual path in their own work and personal lives. The course provides a framework, a set of 'tools' and awareness for reviewing the company 'community' from a new perspective. The aim is to increase energy, enhance motivation and communication - all in all to further enhance the cooperation of the 'community' of people within the company.

    We offer a two-day introductory course which typically comprises the following:

  • Using the natural world as a steering wheel for life - explanation of the use of shamanic principles and discussion on relevance today: interconnections, synchronicities, energy loss in everyday society and workplace.
  • Creating supportive and cooperative communities, teambuilding and learning from the wisdom of the ancients
  • Introduction to shamanic meditation and 'journeying' as a diagnostic tool
  • Self awareness, taking responsibility for yourself and speaking your truth
  • Communicating and listening
  • Solving problems as a community
  • Vision building and tapping into the potential of self
  • Medicine walk (hike in nature)
  • Energy raisers: African drumming, Mayan renewal ritual


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