Connemara Corporate Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Connemara Corporate Activities, Zetland Country House Hotel

Achieving Goals

Whether in business or personal life, it's easy enough to set goals, but harder to execute them. Most people give up very early on, without recognising the REAL reason for their failure. Many will blame situational circumstances or 'lack of willpower', when the main reasons are usually one of the following:

  • Unclear destination or agreed definition of final goal
  • Lack of a proper realistic game plan to reach the goal
  • Limiting thoughts and beliefs about themselves

  • Some typical comments we hear:

    "I don't have trouble setting goals -- I have trouble executing them."
    "I tend to lose focus on my goals. I keep getting bogged down with day-to-day things."
    "I set goals that feel huge, then I get overwhelmed and stuck."

    Achieving Goals is an empowering coaching session on how to set goals, how to plan their execution and how to stay motivated. During the course, delegates focus on setting and planning their own personal goals to learn the principles of goal management. The learning can then be easily applied in any business or personal situation and mapped onto their career development plan. This has significant benefit for the company in understanding and harnessing the motivations of their key people.

    "When individual dreams are locked into the company dream, the company team becomes unstoppable".

    Course Content
  • Why have goals in life?
  • Building visions and future pacing
  • Choosing the right goal, defining the goal
  • The importance of values and recognising limiting and empowering values
  • Goal planning and execution
  • Gaining the commitment/assistance of others
  • Support systems Staying motivated and energised.

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